The Ducky's Coffee, a product of a team of three!

Need a little break from work?! Come help Ducky in this fast-paced and exciting adventure to become a coffee tycoon!

        This game was published by me and two of my friends together at the of 2011.  Here is the story of how this very cute, addicting, and a bit funny coffee making game came from.  

        In the spring of 2011 three of us got together just hanging out at a coffee shop while chatting about what's going on in our lives.  Somewhere in our conversation we started talking about iPhone and all the applications.  Suddenly someone said: "Why don't we make a game of our own?"  That's right!  Your ear has nothing wrong!  This is the birth place of Ducky's Coffee!

        We know we want to make something that's for everyone, therefore, we started brain storming, researching, and analyzing.  Most of female group wouldn't like something violent and most of of male group wouldn't like something soft and cute.  That's kinda hard to decide.  Well, we can ask ourselves about what do we like?  That should be easier. We know that all three of us liked coffee.  we should make a game that makes coffees!  That's it!  Ducky's coffee!

        "Ducky's coffee" was originally named "StarDucks"  We switched to "Ducky's coffee" one month before it was released to prevent any chance of pattern law sues.

Help Ducky out in this fast-paced and exciting adventure to win back his love! How? By serving the world’s tastiest coffee, of course!

When Candy’s father, a wealthy coffee tycoon, found out that Ducky has neither money nor fame, he forced them to break up. The heart-broken Ducky is determined to win her father’s approval and opens his own coffee shop, “Ducky’s Coffee”!

If you love dash-style, time management games, be sure not to miss this one! Start a business with Ducky in this fun-filled journey.

To run a successful coffee shop, Ducky will 
have to make a variety of drinks, bake his own coffee beans, cleanup up tables, and deal with a cast of whacky customers. In short, he needs your help! Get excited. Ducky is!

Ducky’s Coffee features:

★★ Over 60 challenging levels! ★★
Test your reflexes and skills at the same time! Want to pass all 63 levels? Act fast and think ahead.

★★ 3 different venues! ★★
Who doesn’t want to be a coffee-tycoon with their own skyscraper? It’s not impossible with just a small coffee truck! Dream big, and we’ll get there!

★★ Over 20 kinds of caffeine-packed drinks! ★★
Addicted to coffee? So are Duck City residents! Are you quick enough to keep the store stocked to keep these ducks happy?

★★ Meet Duck City Coffee Fanatics! ★★
From super model to SuperDuck, 15 adorable and wacky characters will either make you crazy or make you love them!

★★ Follow Ducky and Candy’s love story! ★★
How will their story turn out? Super cute comics tells it all!

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"Ducky's Coffee" was published by Allen C. Liu, Jonathan Shieh, Crystal Lai.

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posted Jul 15, 2012, 6:38 PM by Allen C. Liu   [ updated Jul 15, 2012, 6:41 PM ]

  • Client:      ONEMAN! 
  • Project:   王力宏 個人新聞軟體 (Wang Lee Hom)
  • Date:        01/29/2012
I was honored to come to Lee Hom's mom's office to consult about an iOS app development.  These are some quick concept about how the app would feel like in 20 mins.  All contents below belongs to the original owner.

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